Brand building from the very start, starting with a logo designed by Canva (not pro version) in 2019.

Short story: Back in 2019, my basic approach with the term “branding” at that time was the logo, tagline and tone of voice for all contents on social. But eventually I managed to create everything on my own: A Facebook fanpage, a logo, a tagline, a website, contents, designs,…

LOGO IN 2014 (I like this one so much)
LOGO IN 2023 (This is too modern tbh)

  • 90% qualified leads were generated from paid & organic ads on Facebook monthly, stably maintained the rate since 2019
  • Average conversion rate monthly was 60% for international tour packages
  • Achieved highest conversion rate for Korea tour in Tet holiday 2023 and filled up 69% of the tour capacity, with total revenue was 379,800VND (20 pax) and cost per lead was only 5$.

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